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Christmas scented kit with essential oil blend
  • Christmas scented kit with essential oil blend

Zestaw świąteczny na preznt


Christmas scented box is our gift proposal this year :)

this set includes:

* blend of essential oils scented with Christmas 30 ml
* artisanal soap PIERNIK IN SNOW, which is just debuting about 100g
* coffee lip butter 15g.

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This year we have prepared a gift box scented with Christmas, actually two, because one set contains a mist and the other a blend :)

All the fragrances with which the contents of this box are scented come only from natural essential oils.
In addition, of course, all the products are of plant origin.

How to use the blend?

* in an ultrasonic diffuser
* for example, sprinkling the windshield wiper before the arrival of guests ( a nice fragrance will greet them from the doorstep)
* on a handkerchief ( crush, sprinkle and place it, for example. in the car door, or in your pocket, or put it on the bedside table )

Essential oils do not need to be smelled to work, so even an open bottle will be a great inhalation where we can not use the scent in large quantities ( office )

What is in this fragrant box? Three very versatile products that will please everyone :)

* Blend of essential oils for aromatherapy :
- sweet orange, which raises energy, improves mood, evokes positive thoughts
- clove, which as an oil has a strong antiseptic and antiseptic effect, supports the respiratory system during colds
- cinnamon, which has antibacterial and antiviral effects but also has a positive effect on mood

* artisanal soap made using the hot method PIERNIKNIK IN SNOW, and thus each of the SOAP is a true one-of-a-kind. This soap contains only vegetable oils and butters and the above essential oils

*coffee butterwith real coffee extract - naturally moisturizes and nourishes the lips.

Let this Christmas trinket bring a good mood to your Space.

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Zestaw świąteczny na preznt

Zestaw świąteczny na preznt

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